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Black Marble Shivling

 8,599.00  2,599.00
Black Marble Shivling call for size

Narmadeshwar Shivling

 2,100.00  650.00
Narmadeshwar Shivling call for size

Parad Shivling

 5,999.00  3,599.00
Shiviling is available in different materials and one such is, the one made of mercury – liquid metal. Mercury is known as Parad (in Hindi Paaraa). What importance does it hold? It is not mere conjecture but in actuality human mind is more often than not unsteady, and Parad too has the same property. If mercury is stabilized through different processes and a parad shivalingam made out of it, it has tremendous stabilizing effect on the person sitting next to it and meditates.

Sphatik shivling

 2,699.00  2,199.00
Sphatik shivling with argha

Wahite Marble Shivling

 1,599.00  1,299.00
White Marble Shiva Linga
Shiva Linga. The linga or lingam (Sanskrit for "symbol") is the symbol of the god Shiva and the form in which he is most commonly worshipped. These Shiva Ling is carved in White Marble stone.