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amayana : A Critical Appraisal . Ramendra Narayan Sanyal

LanguageEnglish ISBN8124605513 PublisherD.K. Printworld (P) Ltd. Edition: 2010 Time of Expedition: Less than 15 days Size:  225 X   145 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 271 Availibility: Available 

Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

LanguageEnglish ISBN8189469061 PublisherChaukhambha Orientalia Edition: 2005 Time of Expedition: immediate Size:  225 X   145 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 507 Availibility: Available 

Classical Hindu Mythology A Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas

LanguageEnglish ISBN9788120839724 PublisherMotilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Edition: 2015 Time of Expedition: Immediate Size:  225 X   145 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 373 Availibility: Available 

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas (5 Vols.) .

LanguageEnglish ISBN8176252263 PublisherSarup & Sons Edition: 2001 Time of Expedition: Less than 15 days Size:  250 X   185 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 1700 Availibility: Available 

Epic Threads on the Sanskrit Epics . John Brockington

LanguageEnglish ISBN0195650255 PublisherOxford University Press Edition: 2000 Time of Expedition: Less than 15 days Size:  220 X   145 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 365 Availibility: Available 

H.H. Wilson and K.M.P. Verma

LanguageEnglish ISBN8170540607 PublisherClassical Publishing Company Edition: 2000 Time of Expedition: More than 15 days Size:  220 X   140 mm. cover: Hard cover  Pages: 88 Availibility: Available 

Introduction to Puranas (The Light House of Indian Culture)

LanguageEnglish ISBNNOISBNXXVII PublisherRashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Edition: 1995 Time of Expedition: Less than 15 days Size:  225 X   145 mm. cover: Hardcover  Pages: 195 Availibility: Available